Welcome to this site for my book, 'The True Story of the Holy Family'.

In this book the true Christ is revealed, from Celtic accounts originally kept in Roman dominated Britain. The Jewish babe discovered by the Magi and brought gifts, was along with the other Innocent babies, killed by agents of King Herod 1st. Jesus and Thomas the Twin were conceived in Britain and born in the Celtic enclave of Galilee in Judea, years after these events. He was as was  Thomas the Twin, schooled to accomplish what were then 'New Age' Missions, and to perform a variety of Roles, in ancient and advanced astronomy based and timed, Calendars...

Christ's final role was His self sacrifice, timed for the eclipse at Pass Over in the year 43 A.D., to mark the End of the Old Covenant, and the start of the New One....the God of Forgiveness, Peace, and Love, verses the old one, created by the actions of a person Narmer Sin, who in his legion of names was also known as Jehovah and as Horus the Avenger. After defeating the Semites in Egypt in year 2488 B.C..he demanded for their being spared their lives, that their first born male baby be sacrificed to him, and that all subject males be circumcised for him, that he for ever hear their cries of pain. He became in time and myth the so called 'god' of Vengeance, and of Anger, and of War in his name. Jesus came to rid the world of this god of the old testament, with admittedly mixed results at best. But His true story needs to be told, as it is one more relevant today then ever.



Opening Your Mind To Alternate Depictions

The Princess or 'Sallie' who met with Jesus, was from faraway Ethiopia. Her meeting with the New Solomon Jesus, was the Reenactment of the Salie or Princess of Chou Ba who came to visit her then cousin of Solomon in Israel, exactly a thousand years earlier. That earlier Princess came by sea from Chou Ba in China and went on to found a gold mining trade colony in Africa, whence 'Sheba'. The Sallie who met Christ was of that royal lineage descended from Solomon, and after the crucifixion of Christ accompanied the elderly 'Mother of the King' (of King Concho bar) to what is today Marseilles France. She became known through out what became Europe, as the Black Madonna."