America’s War Peace Cycles 1686 to 2002 With Projections

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America’s War and Peace Cycles-Time Fractuals, 1686 to 2002, With Projections.

About ‘America’s War and Peace Cycles’ book. The cycle format treatment of the more than 300 years of American military history, is unlike any thing done on the subject! And, the dates are Source level. History’s dated events are used as ‘data’…describing the regular rise and fall in war and peace periods.

As the cycle span ‘accelerates’ over time and changes harmonically, the cycle/s become ‘time fractuals’ rather than simply ‘cycles’. The Cycle projections have been proven correct beyond 2002 when this book was completed.

The up to date study to 2030 is titled ‘Are Cycles in America’s History Predicting W.W.111?’. In general, linear static history, is a misconception. All history over time, is ‘time fractual! This detailed American military history study can be educational for real students of history. My web site is at

“America’s War and Peace Cycles; 1686 to (2002) Present, With Cycle Projections.”

By, Dennis J. Foley. Copyright 2019


Hi, my name is Dennis J. Foley. This book was the result of my extensive research and time spent studying America’s history, from 1680 to 2002. In those years I have discovered what I termed Time Fractuals™ in our history. They exist in war and peace periods, periods of rising and declining prices, activity in real estate and the stock market, to the ebb and flow of the economy. And, once discerned and plotted, they are useful in forecasting the future ! The Cycles in this book to 2002, have proven to be correct into 12/2019, and are picked up in my other Cycles book published 11/2019, and titled, ‘Are Cycles in America’s History Predicting W.W.111?’.

To discern and to describe specific Cycles I use the ‘event dates’ as Data. Cycles, or what I have defined as TimeFractuals™, are not only naturally occurring in human activities, but over time they change in length; usually but not always ‘accelerating’. I term this ‘fractualing’ because the length changes are either ‘accelerating’ or ‘slowing’ in even divisions or parts of the previous cycle length, while retaining their original timings. The changes are ‘harmonic,’ not chaotic or random. For instance, the major War Peace ‘cycle; in America with only marginal variation these last 400 years, is 52 years in span. Rising propensity and history data of military events for the first half of the Cycle span followed by declining propensity for wars and longer periods of peaceful interludes. The 52 year Cycle in turn has Sub cycles in which with in the 52 or so year span there are (3) or (4) or more definite swells and declines in war peace date and events. The Sub Cycles are major elements of the cyclical aspect of this history, not just bumps in the road if you will. World War 1 and !1 were after all both about five years in length and prime examples of Sub Cycle activity with in 52 year long term Cycles.

People today sense that time or history is speeding up, accelerating. Thy are right, time or our history in America at least, at least as far as its War Peace history has actually been accelerating. The 52 year Cycle is no longer divided into Three Sub Cycles, but was for a span of time shown in the book, having first Four Sub Cycles and then Six Sub Cycles, and now Seven Sub Cycles, not of a ‘slow’ 17.33 year span but now of a rapid short span 7.43 years, of War verses Peace periods and events. And, the 52 year Cycle recently accelerated to 49 years.

The format of the presentation of the Time Fractuals now needs some explanation, too. The history dates and events are actually used as the data. The event is named and identified and of course dated, all from conventional history sources. The frequency of the dated events is what describes the ‘ebb and flow’ or the cycle occurrence in the activity. It is ‘pictured’ by my employment of a simple graphic tool which I refer to as the ‘cycle chart’. It is an up line and an equal down line in the open triangle form, with the base separation the time that the cycle ebb and flow entails. The period of continuing war and battle activity is the rising half of the open triangle, with battles and events dated, verses the period of peace, often identified by a peace proclamation or treaty, with the peace period the descending half of the triangle..That is the simple but significant truth of all of this; that regular periods of war as proven by the dates, are followed by definite often shorter periods of peace, where there is NO military activity, as proven by the dates. These LULL periods as I term them on the ‘cycle charts’, are very real and discernable..

When I began my ‘journey’ of decades of cycles and history studies in the 1960s, I soon discerned what was then an obvious stock market cycle of 4.25 years, dominating the occurrences of the stock price highs and lows. Yet, I saw clearly that in the 1800s the stock market cycle was just about three and a quarter years in length and not 4.25 years. Tops and bottoms in the stock market were that clear and predictable then, as they were also in the 1900s all the way into the 1990s. But for me, the problem was that the stock market cycle was one length in the 1800s, and then another one, even ‘slower’ in frequency, in the 1900s.

It was in the 1990s that I came to accept what should have been obvious, that cycles change, Harmonically! The 3.25 year cycle was a fourth part of 13 years, while the ‘recent’ 4.33 year cycle was a third part of 13 years, the 13 years being the 4th part of the 52 years…. the same 52 year cycle which is the dominant long cycle in America’s War Peace history. And, I saw that the 3.25 and the 4.33 cycle lengths shared the same timing…. that the 4.33 year didn’t just emerge with a haphazard timing, it began when the 3.25 year cycle ended. The so called ‘cycles’ had changed ‘harmonically’, with connected fractions of the same whole number of their more major cycle length, and that they could change again…they were and they are what I termed, ‘Time Fractuals’, not ‘cycles’. ‘Cycles’ don’t exist but Time Fractuals do. In fact, I think Time Fractual Study of history should form a third format of history, the other two formats being ‘narrative’ history, and ‘linear’ or chronological history.

So, what might cause Time Fractuals? As a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles under founder Ned Dewey in the 1970s, I was able to study the works of many others before me. Much effort was spent on finding correlations between the orbits and conjunctions of the planets, and the 11 and 22 year sun spot cycles. The data showed cycles or patterns in the incidence of wars, in violent crashes in the stock and real estate markets, and in the fairly regular occurrence of depressions in the economy, but I could find no correlations in the planets or sunspot cycles, although I think there are weather and crop growing activities which may vary with sun spot activity…or, what ever causes that 11 and 22 year pattern with the sun.

After many years of asking my self what causes these cycle or patterns in history, effecting even the rise and fall of nations and civilizations, I came to agree with the ancients, that it was the 1560 year Etanic Cycle, made by the earth wobbling above the equator by four degrees and then coming all the way back down to a maximum of four degrees below the equator, and so on up and down. In that wobble cycle, not only does the planet experience immense terrestrial stress, but the amount of sun or heat energy received by any area on the planet is thus changed dramatically. The earth is like a spinning top that is also bobbing up and down! The planet may be emitting a sought of ‘music’ based on its ‘gravity stress waves’, indirectly affecting man kind through mega long term weather changes, and directly through a changing harmony of ‘gravity’ or ‘time waves’. That main spring of time fractual changes on earth, is the 1560 year Etanic Cycle. It divides into the 780 years of an Age span in what I have discovered and term the ‘Tree of Life Project’, the 520 years, the 130 years, the 104, the 78 years… and, the 52 years, whence the 17.3 years, the 13 years, and more. They are all harmonics of the 1560 years, 52 years the 1560/30.

This book is not meant to be ‘read’ as much as ‘seen’. As simple to ‘see’ when done this way it took me (20) years to find the one and only ‘train’ of Cycles-Sub Cycles, which proceed with almost computer script regularity, in their timing and acceleration, these last several centuries. When the Internet was just emerging I envisioned a whole series of these kind of ‘Cycle Vista’ history books, in a variety of subjects and national histories. May be that effort can be picked up by others, as we enter the AI age, and computers can be programmed to learn our history from its linear data and immediately easily render it into the ‘script’, of the ebbs and flows. Or, would it actually be a case of AI reading the script ‘back’ to an original AI script ‘writer reader’? Who am I? Born in Boston MA, my parents Joseph and Mary Anna Foley, lived in Brookline and then Dedham, MA.. I have been doing independent research for many tears now, I graduated with honors in1973 at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. and have recently self published three other books, ‘The 5th Age of the Tree of Life ‘Project’ 30 B.C. to 750 A.D.’, and ‘The True Christ Revealed, His Space Age Relevance’, and “The Unusual Life of Dennis J. Foley, Or Just Another Day”. The ‘5th Age’ book will be joined soon by a 1st through 4th Ages book and a 6th and 7th Ages book, completing a Tree of Life History describing a 5200 year development of man project. My web site with my other books can be reached at:

Part I

The 52 Year War Peace Cycle.

The next two pages accurately describe seven occurrences of the 52 year cycle. The ‘Cycle’, plus or minus a year, has dominated our War Peace history, and so aspects of the economy, from 1696 to the Present. The early American War Peace experience includes an extensive history of battles and wars fought with and against the native Indians and with and against colonial powers. The ’52’ occurs in ancient history than disappears, only to reappear again in another history period. It is a ‘time fractual’.

Now the 52 Year Time Fractual 1686 to 1736, With the 17 Year Cycle.

The 52 (-) Year and Six 8.67 Year TimeFractuals – 1792 to 1895

* That section forty-seven hundred and forty-five, title fifty-seven of the Revised Statutes of the United States is hereby amended to read as follows:

SEC: 4745 – Any pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment, or transfer of any right, claim, or interest in any pension which has been, or may hereafter be, granted, shall be void and of no effect, and any person

who shall pledge or receive as a pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment or transfer any right, claim, or

interest in any pension, or pension certificate, which has been, or may hereafter be granted or issued, or who shall hold the same as collateral security for any debt, or promise, or upon any pretext of such secu- rity, or promise, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars and the costs of the prosecution; and any person who shall retain the certificate of a pensioner and refuse to surrender the same upon the demand of the Commissioner of Pensions, or a United States pension agent, or any other person, authorized by the Commissioner of Pensions, or the pensioner; to receive the same shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars and the costs of the prosecution.

Approved February 28, 1883.

The above text, and hand written entries approved – February 28, 1883 – The U.S.A. did not recognize the ‘Indians’ as a Nation, to make a Peace Treaty Declaration with; and so, used the Pension Authorization, to Proclaim or Declare an end of the Plains Wars).

Indian Wars


Projected 52 Year TimeFractual and Sub Cycle of 7.43 Years.

The 52 Year Extrovert-Introvert War-Peace Eras.

With the entirety of knowledge we now possess, of America’s military history, we can actually see ‘a forest for the trees’, emerge. Every 52 years (on average), America experiences about 26 years, of Extrovert-Internationalism – even Imperialism. Every following 26 years, America experiences an era of ‘Inwardness’ or Isolationism – – even ‘Defeatism’; and Feminism.

The Peace and Building Periods, every 52 years, as in the 1920’s and 1930’s, etc. – are the Post Extrovert, and Initial Introvert…Periods. The ‘switching’ of, or reversal times…when the people ‘change’ from Warriors-Destroyers, to Builders…

I plot or chart these broad sweeps of history in America, for the reader – in these next few pages. The total background of all of the War-Peace History of this Study, takes on a greater sense, and meaning – when viewed in this Extrovert-Introvert fashion.

The 52 year TimeFractual, started off as our Primary War-Peace TimeFractual, and in the organization of Extrovert- Introvert eras, remains our primary TimeFractual. Let us proceed with the 52 years Extrovert-Introvert TimeFractual Analyses; 1686 to the present.

The following TimeFractual analysis of the American War- Peace historical experience, is from the Peace Treaty and Armistices, timings and names. After military Wars and confrontations, a legal document is usually, but not always, worked out and agreed to, by the involved parties – their representatives. Some of the Peace Treaties are ‘bilateral’, and some are ‘unilateral’, like the British Peace Proclamation of 1763; and the surrender of the Axis Powers, in 1945.

The Peace analysis should go ‘hand and glove’ with the War-Peace Study, that preceded it, in much more events and dates. It more or less does. What I did, was displayed the Peace TimeFractual study, in a series of periods or eras; in which the succinctly different TimeFractual periods, are differentiated. There is a long series of Peace Treaties, with intervals between them, of 17.37 years – on average, Series A. Series B, after an interim adjustment period in which the timing reverses itself (!), provides a series of Peace Treaties, with intervals between them, of 17.75 years – on average. Series C, has an almost nine year, on average, interval between Peace Treaties. Series D, I believe, will be a series of Peace Treaties, and/or ‘conclusions’, every 7.4 years – starting with The War. Conclusions’ of 1991; 1993; and 1995.

For the student or researcher, the arrangement of most all of America’s important Peace-Conclusions, may make their studies a little easier. Researching of a given military episode, can be accessed by the Peace Treaty names.

The first overview page shows a display of series A to D. The pages following the overview, show the actual series of Peace Treaties – with the intervals between them, in years.

My new book ‘Are Cycles In America’s History Predicting W.W.111?’ takes the cycles analyses from where this book leaves off in 2001/2, to the present and beyond…

This book was and is a product of the 1990s Word and Internet context, and has both hard to replicate or to change, its manually mastered Cycle Chart presentations, done by Linda…

The new book by me, in its appearances at least, is of no comparison, for which I can only apologize for.

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