America’s Book of Secret Formations, Dark History.

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The aspects and ‘guide lines’ for creating a ‘Terrorist Formation’, a Pentagon usually, of  ‘Signature’, ‘Cadence’, and the ‘Twin Hits’ to form ‘the Base’ of the Star, or Talons of the Eagle, introduces this book. The origins of ‘911’ as a number and a Norman date included only this book. ‘The Normans would be proud of me this day’, said President Bush 43 at the United Nations 09-12.   

The Table of Contents…..The Introduction and Definitions. The Founding of the Republic Formation. The Founding of Texas, and 1836. The Capital City of the South. The Life Span of Adam. The Four ‘K’s, The Peace Makers Formation. The JFK Assassination Trinity. The Roman Jewish Wars. The  09-11-01 and the Osama Bin Laden’s Pentagon. The Al Zaqahari’s ’09-11- Pentagon. The ‘9th Day of Av’. The ‘322’ and ‘43’. Benazar Bhutto, Lady of Liberty! The ‘April 19 to May Day’ Formation. The Significance of the Years 406 A.D. and the Year 911 A.D.! The Bibliography.

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