Time Architecture and the Para Normal Realm

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In this account and accurate record of the passing of my family of house hold cats, mostly from old age, I discovered in the records an incredible organization in the dates and the actual pre death and after death events, of their passing’s. In fact, just as I have discovered Time Architecture in human activities which I have defined as Time Fractuals, or Cycles which change harmonically, and Time Architecture in a series of One through Seven 780 year Templates which I have termed the ‘Tree of Life Project’, and just as I discovered and revealed the man made Formations in American history, formed by planned, timed often terrorist attacks and events which I termed ‘Lodge Formations’, so I have discovered and here reveal Time Architecture, ‘played out’ from a Para normal realm, with themes, and intelligence, in the multi year long history of the passage of my beloved house cats.

I don’t pretend that this is a book of entertainment but like my other books, it is a book of research and discovery. We are not only not alone, but are not alone on various levels and realms, including the Para Normal, in my opinion and experiences ,too. This book and these experiences, were for me a Learning Experience, about after life of at least domestic cats, if not also about our own after life. It is more complex and intelligent or connected even, then I could have imagined. 

In general, this history of my house cats, with a record of events and experiences, spans over sixteen years, from 2004 to as recently as February of 2021, when indeed, after the passing of Cat Sheba, a whole new Para normal activity and experience occurred, one different from any of others. As shall be seen, it involved the voice of a gal friend of mine, talking to first me over our i Phones, and then to my cat Sheba, shortly before she passed.

For those skeptical about all of this, try to discover and learn with an open mind.

Snuggles, Looking Out The Window of his ‘Play Room’



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