Cycles In Our History Predict A (Nuclear?) World War.

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Cycles In Our History Predict A (Nuclear?) World War.

This book is not meant to be ‘read’ as much as ‘seen’. As simple to ‘see’ when done this way it took me (20) years to find the one and only ‘train’ of Cycles-Sub Cycles, which proceed with almost computer script regularity, in their timing and acceleration, these last several centuries.

Hi, my name is Dennis J. Foley. This book is the result of my extensive research and time spent studying America’s history. In those years I discovered what I termed Time Fractuals™ in our history. They exist in war and peace periods, periods of rising and declining prices, activity in real estate and the stock market, to the ebb and flow of the economy.

To discern and to describe specific Cycles I use the ‘event dates’ as Data. Cycles, or what I have defined as Time Fractuals™, are not only naturally occurring in human activities, but over time they change in length; usually but not always ‘accelerating’.

For instance, the major War Peace ‘cycle; in America with only marginal variation these last 400 years, is 52 years in span. Rising propensity and history data of military events for the first half of the Cycle span followed by declining propensity for wars and longer periods of peaceful interludes. The 52 year Cycle in turn has Sub cycles in which with in the 52 or so year span there are (3) or (4) or more definite swells and declines in war peace date and events.

People today sense that time or history is speeding up, accelerating. They are right, time or our history in America at least, at least as far as its War Peace history has actually been accelerating. The 52 year Cycle is no longer divided into Three Sub Cycles, but was for a span of time shown in the book, having first Four Sub Cycles and then Six Sub Cycles, and now Seven Sub Cycles.  The format of the presentation of the Time Fractuals now needs some explanation, too. The history dates and events are actually used as the data. The event is named and identified and of course dated, all from conventional history sources.

When I began my ‘journey’ of decades of cycles and history studies in the 1960s, I soon discerned what was then an obvious stock market cycle of 4.25 years, dominating the occurrences of the stock price highs and lows.  But for me, the problem was that the stock market cycle was one length in the 1800s, and then another one, even ‘slower’ in frequency, in the 1900s. 

It was in the 1990s that I came to accept what should have been obvious, that cycles change, Harmonically! The 3.25 year cycle was a fourth part of 13 years, while the ‘recent’ 4.33 year cycle was a third part of 13 years, the 13 years being the 4th part of the 52 years….the same 52 year cycle which is the dominant long cycle in America’s War Peace history. And, I saw that the 3.25 and the 4.33 cycle lengths shared the same timing….that the 4.33 year didn’t just emerge with a haphazard timing, it began when the 3.25 year cycle ended. 

The so called ‘cycles’ had changed ‘harmonically’, with connected fractions of the same whole number of their more major cycle length, and that they could change again…they were and they are what I termed, ‘Time Fractuals’, not ‘cycles’. ‘Cycles’ don’t exist but Time Fractuals do. In fact, I think Time Fractual Study of history should form a third format of history, the other two formats being ‘narrative’ history, and ‘linear’ or chronological history. 

So, what might cause Time Fractuals? As a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles under founder Ned Dewey in the 1970s, I was able to study the works of many others before me. Much effort was spent on finding correlations between the orbits and conjunctions of the planets, and the 11 and 22 year sun spot cycles.  The earth is like a spinning top that is also bobbing up and down! The planet may be emitting a sought of ‘music’ based on its ‘gravity stress waves’, indirectly affecting man kind through mega long term weather changes, and directly through a changing harmony of ‘gravity’ or ‘time waves’.

The Major Minor 26 Year Cycle Surges, In Every 52 Years.

The Major Minor 26 Year Cycle Surges, In Every 52 Years.

The Table of Contents.

Page 1.) ………………The Copy Right and Title Page.

Pages 2.)……………..Table of Contents.

Pages 3. and 4.)…….Introduction.

Pages 5 to 7.)………..Chart Over View of the 26/52 Year ‘War Peace’ Cycles, 1760s to 2020s. 

Pages 8. to 29.)……..The 26 year cycle charts, with their individual description, 1760s to 2020s. 

Page 30.) ……………..Introduction of the 7.43 year cycle charts. 

Pages 31. to 56.)……The 7.43 year cycle 1919 to 2020s. The 7.43 is the 7th part of 52 years.

Pages 57. to 59.)……Where Are We, in Relation to Roman History, the 780 Year Age Cycle?

Bibliography………..’America’s War Peace Cycles, 1686 to 2002′ by D. J. Foley and Wikipedia.

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