Author Dennis J. Foley

Six Forms of 'Time Architecture' in History

I use history as Data, with each book not only providing knowledge based on source history dates and events, but each book represents a different unique form of what I term as, 'Time Architecture'. A Description of each book and its Shop Buttons for that book, are in the area below the book's cover image. All E Books are priced at $2.99 each, and the 'Shop Nows' forward you to your choice of Secure Carts at Googles, Smashwords, Amazon, or Lulu. Thank you, Dennis J. Foley.

1) The book: 'Cycles In Our History Predict A Nuclear World War'.
Cycles in Man's History and in nature.
2) The book: 'America's War and Peace Cycles, 1686 to 2002'.
Time Fractuals, in time Cycles change Harmonically to Time Fractuals.
3.) The book: 'America's Secret Formations and Dark History'.
Man Made 'Formations', etched in history by planned, timed 'events'.

4.) The book: 'The 5th Age the Tree of Life, 30 B.C. to 750 A.D.'
Templates in Our History, Super Natural in origin, spanning centuries.
5.) The book: 'The True Christ Revealed and His Space Age Relevance'.
Reenactment Calendars, astronomy based, timed actions, roles.
6.) The book: 'Time Architecture and the Para Normal Realm.'
Para Normal Template Architecture...

Cycles In Our History Predict A (Nuclear?) World War.

By Author Dennis J. Foley | January 8, 2020

  Cycles In Our History Predict A (Nuclear?) World War. This book is not meant to be ‘read’ as much as ‘seen’. As simple to ‘see’ when done this way it took me (20) years to find the one and only ‘train’ of Cycles-Sub Cycles, which proceed with almost computer script regularity, in their timing…

America’s War Peace Cycles 1686 to 2002 With Projections

By Author Dennis J. Foley | January 6, 2020

America’s War and Peace Cycles-Time Fractuals, 1686 to 2002, With Projections. About ‘America’s War and Peace Cycles’ book. The cycle format treatment of the more than 300 years of American military history, is unlike any thing done on the subject! And, the dates are Source level. History’s dated events are used as ‘data’…describing the regular…

America’s Book of Secret Formations, Dark History.

By Author Dennis J. Foley | July 24, 2020

The aspects and ‘guide lines’ for creating a ‘Terrorist Formation’, a Pentagon usually, of  ‘Signature’, ‘Cadence’, and the ‘Twin Hits’ to form ‘the Base’ of the Star, or Talons of the Eagle, introduces this book. The origins of ‘911’ as a number and a Norman date included only this book. ‘The Normans would be proud…

THE 5TH AGE BOOK, 30B.C to 750 A.D…And the Tree of Life ‘Project’.

By Author Dennis J. Foley | January 9, 2020

Chapter 1. Introduction and Explanation of the Tree of Life ‘Project’. This book is one of a series of books, presenting a single body of knowledge and history, which shows a Plan or Project operating in a significant aspect of man kind. The Project is involved with man’s interest with religious beliefs, and the creation every…


By Author Dennis J. Foley | January 7, 2020

Introduction. This Book is to introduce to the world the hidden true story and facts about the Man who became known as Jesus. The main source of this alternative accurate reveal of the true Jesus is as ancient as the 1st century A.D., in the very life time of Jesus. The original oral lore of…

Time Architecture and the Para Normal Realm

By Author Dennis J. Foley | July 24, 2020

In this account and accurate record of the passing of my family of house hold cats, mostly from old age, I discovered in the records an incredible organization in the dates and the actual pre death and after death events, of their passing’s. In fact, just as I have discovered Time Architecture in human activities…