The True Christ Revealed (2019)

The True Christ Revealed (2019)

This book is to introduce to the world, the hidden true story and facts about the man who became known as Jesus. The main sources of this alternative, and I think much more accurate reveal of the True Jesus, was and is as ancient as the first century A.D., in the very life time of Jesus himself, and certainly by 70 A.D.


The Origin of Jesus

The oral lore was written down in later times and secretly retained, and sometimes also distorted by those monks who wanted to confuse and discredit the truth. Jesus and his whole family were not from Jewish origins as is the false narrative, but entirely of Pagan origins.

About His Education

Jesus and his brother Thomas were best trained and schooled in Pagan knowledge. Jesus and Thomas, while educated in different learning schools with different skills and knowledge of different 'Calendars of Reenactments', were both highly educated men of their times, or of any times. The narrative of a simple poor son of a carpenter is not only a false narrative, but an insult to Him and to the Truth.

This book brings to light the lore of the Ulster Red Branch, which records, sometimes even in fine detail, the lives and events of the Christ Family and Players. That is, when and where they actually mostly lived; which was First Century B.C. and A.D. Roman Britain, in what became the Provence of Cambria.

Story of Mary

Mary, as she became known, was not a virgin when made the mother of Jesus and, she was not Jewish or a person born in Israel. Her story is not of divine interaction, but a very human one – of a woman seeking to have a family and to survive in the face of great changes, challenges, and sorrows.

It is a true story, very relevant today and for many, more than ever. Also, I do think in general, that as much as we may love or feel comforted by the Christ and Mary story of the bible and church teachings, many people today can no longer accept it.

So now the true story is of a young woman struggling to have a family and survive in a very violent world.