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This Book is to introduce to the world the hidden true story and facts about the Man who became known as Jesus. The main source of this alternative accurate reveal of the true Jesus is as ancient as the 1st century A.D., in the very life time of Jesus. The original oral lore of the bards is known as the Cycles of Cuhuillone. The lore became also part of the lore of the Red Branch of Ulster, in northern Ireland. The lore was transported there from Britain in the 60s A.D., where the events actually took place between 30 B.C. to the 40s A.D. in the once powerful Celtic Kingdom of Cathu, or Sethu Villani.

This was a well documented very real allied kingdom to and with Rome, in Rome’s 1st century ‘Round Table’ of Celtic kingdoms. The transfer of the lore to Ireland occurred in the desperate years post the crucifixion of Jesus in 43 A.D. and the death that year of Concho bar mac Nesse, king of Cathu. In lieu of a revolt an d civil war, Rome began in earnest to divide and annihilate the Celtic tribes and people of Britain. The lore was later written down and quietly if not secretly retained by monks, some of whom also wanted to confuse and so discredit the simple truth of the accounts.

Jesus’ mother was a ‘Mari’, or temple ‘bee’ (worker), and was known in Britain first as Deidre or Deichtine and then as the ‘Woman of Sorrows’. She was Not of Judean origins or of Jewish traditions, as is the New Testament narrative, but entirely from the pre Christian Pagan land of Britain, with established Sun and Moon God Astro knowledge, religious beliefs, and traditions, influenced as was the whole world then, by Rome. Also, both He and His (half?) brother Thomas the Twin, were very schooled, and traveled men. While separated at birth they both were educated in different learning schools for different skills and knowledge of different Calendars, and their own roles in them. The Jesus narrative of a simple poor son of a carpenter, is simply not true, although ‘Mary’s’ second husband of Josephtef of Judea, was a carpenter by trade, besides being a widower and the father of a full grown family of sons, and per the Cuhuillone Cycles, a ‘Seer’.

The actions and reenactments performed by Jesus recorded in the New Testament , were rarely if ever of Jewish origins. Only in the end in His finale missions, including His self sacrifice during the Pass Over eclipse in 43 A.D., did they pertain to Israel and the end of their Promised Lands Covenant span. Astronomy was Key to the religions of those times, so that Jesus was ‘Space Age’ in His knowledge and beliefs, as it is how I view Him now.

To show the true Christ, I start from hundreds and even thousands of years before His auspicious birth, with the Calendars, the very ones He and others were reenacting roles in, in order to both maintain and to sacredly mark, and celebrate them for their originators, of ‘God’, but really ‘the gods’ of ‘other worldly’ origins. Jesus would Never have allowed Himself to have been addressed by or considered as, ‘God’. Said as many as 67 times in the New Testament, that He was the ‘Son of Man’, Not the son of God, or that He was Himself, God. We can thank Helen and her son Emperor Constantine for that role, title, and position, in Rome’s Pantheon of (Pagan) Gods..

Who am I? Born in Boston MA and brought up in Brookline, and then Dedham, MA., before leaving to Florida. In my early teens I read the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’, and began seeking the ‘Tablets of Destiny’ stolen from Pharaoh Seth, by seeking to find Cycles in the economy, the stock market, the occurrence of drought caused wild fires in America, to the rise and fall of nations and empires. I was correct to never doubt the existence of cycles or ‘time fractuals’, as I learned to define them.

I became a contributor to the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in Pittsburg, and did my post graduate studies there as guest of Ned Dewey, founder. I graduated with honors from Northeastern University, Boston, MA..A couple of my Cycle studies are on my web site, including the recent one titled, “Are Cycles in America’s History Predicting W.W,111? ” Every one should read it. My book and church site is:

In general, just as the 5th Age of the ‘True Tree of Life’ book is one in a series of Seven 780 year Age Templates, so parallel to that is this book on Jesus, as part of a series of books. In this series, I un mask and reveal the True bible personages of Enoch (Cain), of Namer Sin, (Moloch, and Jehovah), of Pharaoh Seth, (Satan), of Moses, of Joshua (Ochy Och) and of David, (the Danovous). I expect my books of Truth, to be the last ones to be standing, in the end. In my efforts, I am always asking and answering the question, ‘What Time Is It’? Our ancestors often timed their accounts with a ‘time able’ astronomical event, and then imbedded it in their accounts, to time them. So do I, seek to have my histories and Calendars of Reenactments spans, grounded in astronomy, and such math as the Pi.

I now give you True Jesus, starting with His roles in the important ancient Calendars, Christ was marking and celebrating. I will start with the ‘World Flood’ Calendar, and then the ‘Millennium’ Calendar, and finally the ‘Promised Lands’ Calendar, which most explains Christ’s role and His True Message for the Jews then.

From that context of that information about Christ, I will then go to His mother and her true story, then to Christ and the missing story of His growing up in Britain, and finally, to Thomas the Twin, and his story and Calendar roles, mostly in the East. Hard to believe, but it was decided by vote at a conference in Constantinople under the auspices of then Emperor Constantine, that Jesus and not Thomas, was to be accepted as the True Messiah! In deed, there is so much that is accepted today by so many, that is not the truth…For both Christ and Thomas, it was the Calendars and their sacred missions to timely mark and celebrate them, which came first. That Christianity aroused from these purely ancient Pagan activities, is the real miracle of Christ and of Christianity.

It is perhaps the largest misconstruing of events and intents in the history of man, but was and is that not the ‘intent’ of the ‘conductors’ of the Age Templates? To create these world wide ‘Dances’ for man kind, great swirls of preoccupation, which we know of as, ‘world religions’. In deed, in a bigger picture of things, even the concerted efforts by the secret cults today, to ban religion, especially that one of Christianity, they ,too are caught up in a Dance, which despite their efforts, will I think result in a new religion, this one of Truth.

This book is divided into Two Parts, the first on Calendars for which Jesus as others, had ‘Calendar’ roles and fulfillment missions in, and the second part, of the Persons in His Story and that of His Church’s Story.

Table of Contents

A. ) Calendars, Missions, Reenactments, of True Christ
Book’s and Author’s Introduction.
Chapter 1. The 5th House of Pisces, the ‘World Flood’ Calendar.
Chapter 2. The Millennium Calendar.
Chapter 3. The Promised Lands Calendar, From 3772 B.C..
Chapter 4. The ‘Open Gate Way’ Period of 70 B.C. to 70 A.D..

B. ) Persons In the Life Story of the True Christ, His Church.
Chapter 5. Nesse, the Morgani La Fe, and the Macha de Leon (Magdalin).
Chapter 6. The ‘Milis’ Deidre, Woman of Sorrows, Mother of Cuhuillone.
Chapter 7. Mary and Her Son Jesus, in Judea.
Chapter 8. John the Baptist, the Father Sends His Son, Jesus.
Chapter 9. Jesus and His Beloved Yahuni (Junias), and Their Marriage!
Chapter 10. The Sallie or Princess, the Black Madonna.
Chapter 11. Thomas the Twin, and His Church of the East.
Chapter 12. The ‘Soter Puzzle’ and Rome’s Secret Christianity.
Chapter 13. The Emperor Constantine, Son of Man Made Son of God.
Chapter 14. Helen, the Omega Woman of Christianity.
Chapter 15. Dennis the Isaurian, the Pivotal Years of 547 and 555 A.D. .

C.) Bibliography.

Excerpt from the Book

The Queen of the Briganti was unique in that she was acknowledged by Rome as of true royalty, descendant of a long line of rulers. She like her father before her, was known as a Mantua, perhaps referring to their being both human and animal in spirit or in aspect.. She was the Mantua or Monte Pone’, swift or little horse. Besides which, the Queen was also the Mother Goddess on earth for her people, the Ma Eve, whence in Arthurian lore we see the word name to describe her as the Gwen Eve or Queen Eve. This all proved to be pivotal in the history of early Britain and a division of the tribes of Britain, and subsequent complete defeat and subjugation by the Romans.

This and much more is gone into in the book, but this couple of Oengus the Druid and his Sorceress daughter and wife, chose Mary (Deidre) after her birth, as special as a ‘King Maker, because of her red or auburn hair….and Green Eyes. These are the true Celtic not Jewish origins of Christ! Macha de Lin (Magdalene),’Mother of the King’ of Concho bar mac Nesse, who had been a Tutor to Jesus, and was by now a mature woman when she came to see her student for the last time in 43 A.D., just before His self sacrifice.”
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Opening Your Mind To Alternate Depictions

The Princess or ‘Sallie’ who met with Jesus, was from faraway Ethiopia. Her meeting with the New Solomon Jesus, was the Reenactment of the Salie or Princess of Chou Ba who came to visit her then cousin of Solomon in Israel, exactly a thousand years earlier. That earlier Princess came by sea from Chou Ba in China and went on to found a gold mining trade colony in Africa, whence ‘Sheba’. The Sallie who met Christ was of that royal lineage descended from Solomon, and after the crucifixion of Christ accompanied the elderly ‘Mother of the King’ ( of King Concho bar) to what is today Marseilles France. She became known through out what became Europe, as the Black Madonna.”

Story of Mary

Mary, as she became known, was not a virgin when made the mother of Jesus and, she was not Jewish or a person born in Israel. Her story is not of divine interaction, but a very human one – of a woman seeking to have a family and to survive in the face of great changes, challenges, and sorrows. It is a true story, very relevant today and for many, more than ever. Also, I do think in general, that as much as we may love or feel comforted by the Christ and Mary story of the bible and church teachings, many people today can no longer accept it.

So now the true story is of a young woman struggling to have a family and survive in a very violent world..

The ‘Fifth Sorrow of Mary, Jesus Dies on the Cross.

The Origin of Jesus

The oral lore was written down in later times and secretly retained, and sometimes also distorted by those monks who wanted to confuse and discredit the truth. Jesus and his whole family were not from Jewish origins as is the false narrative, but entirely of Pagan origins.

Nesse, the Macha de Lin, or the Mother of the King.

The Book is Much More Than the True Christ Only…

The Pivotal Years of 547 and 555 A.D. .

Dennis the Isaurian, the Renowned Astronomer, Sighting the Alignment of 540 A.D..

Dennis the Isaurian, the master astronomer of his time, was hired by the Catholic Church to affix the Birth Year of Jesus, and so have a fixed ‘Year One’ of the Christian Calendar. This was done by Dennis the Isaurian as early as 540 A.D. when after he observed the third 179.7 year Alignment of the Planets since that one, which occurred as Christ was born. He then purposefully awaited advising the Pope of his calculations, until the year 547 A.D., and so the 1300 years or Jubilee span after the Founding of Rome in 753 B.C., whence the chuch liturgy of ‘Romulus y Glas y Glorium’….

Dennis J. Foley

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